lunedì 24 luglio 2017

Dreams…, mysublimejourney

I remember most of my dreams but he rarely remembers his.
My dreams are vivid and breathtaking…or dark and terrifying. There is no in between. I dream of images that belong in the most prestigious museums…or I dream like I’m still that young girl who was once trapped inside a nightmare that would never end.
He grabs a hold of my coattails as I share some of the sweeter dreams with him, amazed by how rich and vivid they are. I don’t share many of the other dreams. Not even with him. I discovered along the way that a lot of them were of me reliving bad memories from when I was younger.
He longs to dream as I do, and I simply smile at his enthusiasm while my mind drifts partway down those darker corridors that no one really wishes to travel to while they are dreaming. The kind where you never win because you’re always a small child struggling against demons you can never fully see.
I even rhyme in my dreams sometimes, and wake up with a poem burning on my fingertips. It’s happened too many times for me to be phased by it anymore, but it still manages to blow his mind whenever I share one with him.
I struggle between wanting to make the bad dreams disappear because the beautiful ones vanish away as well. So I compromise. Three bad nights full of too many demons and I take something so that I can sleep longer than five hours. Otherwise, I take the sweet with the terrifying and make lemonade out of lemons along the way.

I will also slip into a sanctuary I found. A safe place where I can plant words and images from my dreams so that I never forget them. A place where Mike, Aubrie, Lauren, Autumn, Meg, and all the lovelies from Poetic Stories and Writerscreed are waiting with a light on. Where they graciously show me gems (and some dude called Jaysome?) that I might have missed the night before when I was at the beach watching the sun paint the sky.
I remember most of my dreams but he rarely remembers his, and maybe that’s a good thing.
This way he only gets to see the magical ones sparkling like gems in the light of day…and his soul stays happy instead of being dragged through a dark corridor while he tries to find his way back into a better place. A place where colors dance above sandy beach shores, and the ocean whispers in rhymed poetry for anyone who wishes to listen.
~ KA ~ July 23, 2017 ~
~ Art: Dream a Little Dream By Sharonna Karni ~